It takes less than 30 minutes to install and requires no maintenance, batteries, or anything else. It just works!

Why This Is Important Right Now?

In The USA  A Home Is Broken Into Every 8.5 Seconds.  More Than 85% Of Break-Ins Are Through A Door. Thieves

Simply Kick-In The Door In Or Use A Crow-Bar To Pry It Open.

Both Take Less Than A Minute… And Only 1 In 5 Of Those Crimes Are Ever Solved.With the world experiencing this current turmoil, it’s NEVER been more important to protect your home and your family. Because once they’ve kicked your door in, they’re IN. 

dealing with an intruder INSIDE your home is a whole different ball game to keeping one out.

Yes, you might have an alarm system, or fancy locks on the door. But the truth is the alarm only sounds once somebody is IN the house. Doesn’t it make more sense to keep them out in the first place?

Oh, and fancy locks? Good idea in theory, but let’s talk reality for a minute.

Your lock is only as strong as two things. 1- the door it’s bolted to. And 2- the wood in the door frame itself. Both those things are usually nowhere near as strong as the actual lock. 

What this means is that when somebody’s kicking at your door or trying to jimmy it open, the lock itself will hold just fine. Unfortunately, the wood around it won’t.

And that’s why it’s VERY easy to get into 99% of American homes with NO special tools or knowledge… and it honestly doesn’t matter how strong the lock is!

Door Armor stops all chances of  that from happening!
As you can see, it makes the average door pretty much impenetrable. It even broke the Sheriff's Department Battering Ram!  

What it comes down to is whether you want to spend less than a hundred dollars (and less than 30 minutes installation time) to make your home darn near impossible to get into for the average criminal.

We think it’s a no-brainer. That’s why we protect you with TWO amazing guarantees.

Here’s How You’re Protected By TWO Amazing Guarantees


You’ve got a 60 day no-questions asked guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with Door Armor for any reason at all, let us know in 60 days and we’ll arrange a quick and easy refund.


$500 LIFETIME “No Kick-In” guarantee

If you have Door Amor installed & somebody manages to break in through your door, we’ll pay $500 toward your insurance deductible.

Both guarantees mean it’s completely risk free to try it out! 

Act Today And Save!

Your simple 6-part kit comes with everything you need for installation.

You'll Receive

Your Door Jamb Shield

The jamb is usually the weak point and the first thing to fail when somebody tries to force your door. This shield is 46” long and made from solid steel, which makes it next to IMPOSSIBLE for your jamb to break!

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text

2 Door Shields

If you simply reinforced the jamb and nothing else, the jamb would hold but the door would split in two whenever anybody tried to force it. And that’s not good! The door shields stop that from happening.

2 Hinge Shields

Just like how the jamb and door needs to be reinforced, so do the hinges. After all, if the lock side of the door is impregnable, all they need to do is kick the other side and the hinges will come out of the frame. The Hinge Shields are designed to prevent it.

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Odoo • Text and Image
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Your FREE Pry Shield

If the thieves can’t kick the door in, the more advanced ones will try to pry it open. Having our Pry Shield Fitted to your door hinders their ability to easily pry your door open - and the included tamper resistant screws mean it’s completely secure.


You get all the high-strength screws you need to install everything!

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If you act now, you’ll pay just $89 and get a fREE pry shield
- and don’t forget you’re completely covered by our
DOUBLE guarantees…

… and we’ll even pay shipping to make sure it arrives quickly and safely!

Let’s be honest - eighty-nine bucks is peanuts when it comes to protecting your home and your family and everything you’ve worked for.

This is the no-brainer decision of the century. Crime always rises as the stock market tanks, and that’s certainly what’s happening now.

Place your order now and get out ahead of the curve. Secure your home before things get worse.

Click the button below to order right now. And don’t worry, your details are protected by 256-bit military grade encryption - so the order process is just as safe as your home will be!


$ 89

Limited Time:  Save  41%
($150 Value - If Purchased Separately)
  • 1 Jamb Shield ($59.00 Value)
  • 2 Door shields ($20.00 Value)
  • 2 Hinge Shields  ($30.00 Value)
  • Instruction pack with 17 3-1/2-Inch Screws & 4 2-1/2" custom, painted Torx screws ($10.00 Value)
  • FREE Pry Shield ($15.00 Value)
    Tamper-Resistant Screws Included
  • Your Family's Safety 
    (What's That Worth?) 
  • PLUS FREE Shipping ($16.00 Value)

$ 168

Limited Time: Save 46%
($312 Value   - If Purchased Separately
  • 2 Jamb Shields ($118.00 Value)
  • 4 Mini Door Shields ($40.00 Value)
  • 4 Hinge Shields ($60.00 Value)
  • 2 Instruction packs with 17 3-1/2-Inch Screws & 4 2-1/2" custom, painted Torx screws ($20.00 Value)
  • FREE Pry Shields ($30.00 Value)
    Tamper-Resistant Screws Included
  • PLUS 2 FREE Long Reach WeatherStripping Accessories ($24.00 Value)
  •  PLUS FREE Shipping ($20.00 Value)

$ 316

Limited Time: Save 49%
($614 Value   - If Purchased Separately
  • 4 Jamb Shields ($236.00 Value)
  • 8 Mini Door Shields ($80.00 Value)
  • 8 Hinge Shields ($120.00 Value)
  • 4 Instruction packs with 17 3-1/2-Inch Screws & 4 2-1/2" custom, painted Torx screws ($40.00 Value)
  • FREE Pry Shields ($60.00 Value)
    Tamper-Resistant Screws Included
  • PLUS 4 FREE Long Reach WeatherStripping Accessories ($48.00 Value)
  •  PLUS FREE Shipping ($30.00 Value)

Will It Fit My Door?

If You Have A Single Entry Door And You Can Fit Two Quarters Between Your Door Frame And Door When The Door Is Closed,
You Will Have No Problem.

If You Can't Fit Two Quarters, You Should Order The Door Armor PRO Combo Set.  This Set Was Designed Specifically For Doors With Low Clearance.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Michael K.

"A Lot Of Products Say They Do One  Thing Or Another. This Actually Works…
It’s Inexpensive, Easy To Use  And Gives You Real  Protection…  Please Tell Me  Why Someone  Would Not Want To Use  This Product"

- New Orleans -

Host Of “HomeTalk USA” Radio Show


"The Best Home Security Possible Is "ARMOR CONCEPTS" Door Armor.Nothing Else Even Comes Close. The  Product Is Easy To Install, Even For Someone With No Previous Experience. Their Products Can Even Be Used On  Internal Doors And Safe Rooms, If Needed."

- Oklahoma -

Allen V.

"This Is The Only Quality Secure Idea On The Market. I am Impressed. I Have Installed Several Of These Units This Year & My Customers are Extremely Satisfied. They Feel Safe & Secure In Their Homes Because Of Their Door Armor Set-Up."

- Louisiana -

Frequently Asked Questions

What about my windows?

More Than 85% Of All Break-Ins Are Through A Door.  There Are Simple Methods That Will Help Prevent A Thief From Coming In Through A Window, Such As "Pinning" The Window.  If You Don't Protect Your Doors First, You Might As Well Just Leave Them Unlocked.

what if i don't like how it looks?

We're Confident That You Will Like The Way It Looks, But We Have A 60-Day No Hassle Return Policy. So You Can Buy With Confidence.

what if emergency responders need to get in?

They Will Get In... We Have Been Very Close To The Police Since Founding This Company In 2004. Emergency Responders Have Ways To Get In. The Door Will Open With A Key So Landlords And Others Shouldn't Be Concerned.

How long Does it take to install?

Quick & easy to install in under 30 minutes with a drill. Each kit comes with all the information you need to begin protecting yourself and your home right away.

What If I don't see a solution for my door type?

Don't worry we have something for every door type. Door Armor has unique solutions for just about every kind of door. Exterior Doors, Interior Doors, Side-Light Doors, Double Doors, Mobile Home Doors and just about anything else you can think of. Don't see what you need here? Visit our parent website where you can view our full collection of Door Armor Products.

What if i have additional questions?

we are always happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have before and after purchasing. Reach out to us by phone or email Monday through friday 8 AM to 5 pM CST.

Call: 1-888-582-2295 or Email:

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